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Send personalized newsletters and group mailings with PC iMail 2006

Looking for a way to save time sending email to groups of contacts?

I used to literally spend hours each night I sent out a newsletter or upgrade announcement. I wanted each of my users to receive their own personalized email message - without seeing a long list of other user's email addresses, and without using an impersonal Bcc address.

I'd copy and paste email addresses, first and last name, and the newsletter itself into each email message... send it... and then do the same thing again for the next contact. What a time consuming drudgery!

Now I use PC iMail and it handles this for me with a single mouse click. PC iMail imports my contact's email addresses, first names, and last names from Outlook and then inserts this information into each message wherever I want it to appear.

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Key Benefits and Features:

  • Personalize your newsletters and announcements.
  • Create artistic copy with a built-in HTML editor.

  • Configure time delay periods between messages.

  • Import contacts from Outlook and Exchange Server.

  • Extract email addresses from web pages or the clipboard.

  • Create and manage mailing lists.

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Are your group mailings getting marked as SPAM?

It's frustrating when you have a legitimate need to send a group mailing to your customers, but your ISP flags your message as spam because it has too many recipients.

Most ISPs limit the number of messages they'll allow you to send at a time, and they can shut down your email account if you violate their policies.

"I really liked your product the best out of the several I have tested.
It was very easy to use without having to be a 'techie'."
- Arsha, Washington DC

PC iMail lets you set a time delay in between each message, to comply with ISP limitations and ensure that your account remains in good standing. And since it sends your message individually to each recipient, you'll never have to worry about your message being rejected from having too many recipients.

Need some help creating a newsletter or press release?

Here's a hands-on article to help you get started:

HOW TO: Send a mail merge press release or newsletter (without Outlook or Word)

Personalize your newsletters and announcements

Insert the first and last name of each contact into the message template in one easy step.

Each message will be addressed individually to each contact, with each contacts information in the message.

Send private or secure information to multiple users at the same time.

Mail merge fields are now supported in the message subject.

Insert mail merge fields

Schedule delayed delivery times

Schedule delayed delivery times.

Spread your campaign delivery over time to comply with limitations many Internet Service Providers apply to group mailings.

Protect your internet email account, and ensure that your messages are safely delivered.

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Load existing contacts from Outlook

Easily load contacts from Outlook, taking advantage of data you already have.

Import email addresses from messages in any Outlook folder.

Import contacts from Outlook

Create and manage mailing lists

Import addresses from Outlook messages

Select an Outlook folder and instantly import email addresses from all messages in that folder.

Create rules in Outlook to search folders for messages with subject lines of SUBSCRIBE LIST_NAME, and use PC iMail to import the sending email addresses.

Automatically process UNSUBSCRIBE and Remove requests, as well as 'Mail delivery failed' messages - a huge time saver!

PC iMail: 5 Stars Award at !

Build targeted contact lists from the Internet

Extract email addresses from web pages.

Extract email addresses from the clipboard memory.

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Extract email addresses from web pages

PC iMail runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP with a small memory footprint of less than 2 MB. Technical support and upgrades are always free, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Get PC iMail now and start saving time and money on your group mailings and announcements.

Commonly Asked Questions

Will PC iMail work with Yahoo! Mail?

Yes, it will! Yahoo requires an SSL connection to their mail servers using port 465, which PC iMail fully supports.

Open PC iMail and select the Tools - Setting menu, and then select the Email Account tab. You'll see options at the bottom of this screen for specifying a mailing port, and enabling SPA (secure password authentication) and SSL.

Here's a list of Yahoo's mail server requirements.

Will PC iMail work with Microsoft Exchange?

Yes, it will! Select the Tools - Settings menu in PC iMail, and enter the Exchange Server name for the Outgoing Server (SMTP) field. Also, be sure to check the option to "Log on using Secure Password Authentication".

If after following these steps you receive a 'relaying denied' error, then you'll need to configure your Exchange server to allow mail relaying for the IP address of your machine. Here are some easy instructions from Microsoft for configuring trusted IP addresses in Exchange Server:

How do I insert an image into the message?

Right-click in the message body, select the Insert menu, and then Image. You'll receive an Insert Image dialog as shown below, which will ask you for the href location of your image. You'll need to upload your image to your web server, and PC iMail will include a link to your image in each message it delivers.

I'm getting a 'Relaying denied' error - how do I fix this?

Many mail servers require the use of Secure Password Authentication (SPA) to prevent unknown users from maliciously using the mail server for SPAM. Unauthorized users will receive the following error:
The server rejected one or more recipient addresses. The server response was: 550
... Relaying denied. Proper authentication required.

To fix this error, select the Tools - Settings menu in PC iMail, and check the option to "Log on using Secure Password Authentication".

I'm getting an error 'The transport failed to connect to the server'

Your mail server most likely requires the use of a secure connection on a specified mail port.

Open PC iMail and select the Tools - Setting menu, and then select the Email Account tab. You'll see options at the bottom of this screen for specifying a mailing port, and enabling SPA (secure password authentication) and SSL.

I'm getting a 'SendListMail' error with the following description: 'Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {CD000002-8B95-11D1-82DB-00C04FB1625D} failed due to the following error: 80040154'. How do I fix this?

This error indicates that the Windows Collaboration Data Objects component (cdosys.dll) has not been registered on your system. Please try the following quick steps to resolve this issue:
  1. Open a command prompt (Start --> Run --> cmd)
  2. Run the following command: regsvr32 cdosys.dll
You should receive confirmation that the dll was registered. Restart PC iMail and you should be able to send email without errors.