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Design open channel hydraulic systems easily with Flow Pro.

Flow Pro is a powerful and accurate solution for common hydraulic design problems. Get results fast. Used by engineers world-wide.
Flow Pro 2.1 Screenshot

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  • Designs steady-state water surface profiles for open channels.

  • Helps engineers visualize design alternatives.

  • Exports to Excel spreadsheets, and prints graphical surface profile reports.

  • Handles both subcritical and supercritical flow types.

  • Includes many useful tools for designing weirs, orifices, and underflow gates.

Easy data entry, and good units flexibility. The flexibility of analyzing different channel types is a real plus, and I like being able to customize the channel title for my reports."
         -B.C. Cook, P.E., Ph.D.
         Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Portland State University

Flow Pro Design Features

Quickly calculates flow and channel properties such as critical depth and slope, hydraulic radius and wetted perimeter, normal depth, channel roughness, and much more.

Uses Manning's equation and numerical integration for state-of-the-art accuracy

Works with both English and SI (metric) units.

Automatically plots your water surface profile.

Exports reports that can be opened with Word or Excel.

Get Flow Pro now and solve hydraulic design problems the easy way.

"The added tools on the new version are extremely useful. The tools combined with the flow profiles make working through alternative designs a breeze. I recommend this program for students and professionals."
         -Tony Norris
         USACE, Hydraulic Engineer

"I possess other programs which perform many of the same functions, however, this one gets used more often for quick analysis because it is easy to use and has a wide range of applications."
         -Stephen J. Schlenker, P.E., Ph.D.
         USACE, Hydraulic Engineer

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Surface Profile Classification

Flow Pro will compute the standard classification for a water surface profile.
The profile classifications are defined below for gradually varied flow in a prismatic channel,
in which the flowrate does not change with the position along the channel.

A graphical representation of each profile classification is shown below.

The letter classification used is as follows:

M: the slope of the channel is mild; such that the flow will be subcritical.
S: the slope of the channel is steep; such that the flow will be supercritical.
H: the channel is horizontal and it's slope is zero.
C: the slope of the channel will produce critical flow.
A: the channel slope is negative (adverse), and increases in elevation in the direction of flow.
Each letter classification also includes a subscript:
1: the actual depth is above both of the reference depths.
2: the actual depth is between the two reference depths.
3: the actual depth is below both of the reference depth.

Additional Screen Shots

Automatically plots the water surface profile and exports the image for reporting
in Word, Excel or Powerpoint presentations.

Compute critical depth and slope for trapezoidal, circular, and u-shaped channels.

Compute the flow rate and velocity of water flowing under a gate.

Compute the flow rate through a circular or square orifice.

Compute the flow rate over a free-flowing or submerged weir,
including rectangular, triangular, or Cipolleti (trapezoidal) weir shapes.

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